Our program is based on frequent team practices, as well as tournaments, league play and scrimmages with an emphasis on player development. We will assemble our teams based on players who have the right combination of attitude, work ethic and ability to play. 

Mustang Players

Our goal is to build strong teams designed to win local, state and national championships, teams with great chemistry and an obvious enjoyment of playing the game of baseball. Players are selected that meet the following criteria;

Talent - Overall baseball ability.

Positive attitude - A positive approach to the game.

Leader - Makes players around him better.

Mental Toughness - Mentally tough competitor who enjoys a challenge.

Hustle - It takes no talent to hustle.

Coachable - Player will take instruction.

Passion - A passion to be at the ball park whether practicing or playing the game.

Dedication - Of both players and parents.

Commitment - To themselves, their teammates and the Mustang program.


Northern CT Mustangs Baseball takes pride in our coaching staff of committed, passionate teachers of the game. Our philosophies are based on proven Major League Baseball techniques and fundamentals which provide our athletes with the best opportunity for success. 

An overview of the commitment

The fee for our program is $1500.00 - $3000.00 depending on team (monthly payments are available).

Tryouts for ages 10 - 14 (non high school players) are mid November. 1 - 2 practices per week during January, February and March.

Tryouts for ages 15 - 18 (high school players) are mid November. Practices start in January till mid March, resume with games and practices early June. 

Regular season

Spring league and tournaments April thru June for the younger teams.

Spring league and tournaments April thru early August for the older teams.

20 - 40 league and open games depending on teams, most Saturday and Sundays there are double headers and possible games during the week. 10U - 12U participate in 1-3 regional tournaments and 1 potential national tournament. The 13u & 14U participate in 3 regional tournaments and 1 possible national tournament. The 15U thru 18U participate in 3 - 4 regional & national tournaments


Roster size could be up to 14 players, older teams could have up to 18 players.

Players are provided with team uniforms.

Practices are at our facility, games are throughout the state of CT. 

Tournaments can be up and down the east coast.



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